About Us

The Gallery Group of Hotels is a chain of exclusive Hotels with Properties in West Bengal, Orissa for all season and certainly the best boutique hotel. Our chain of hotels situated amidst everything that is quintessential to the human threshold. With mesmerizing properties spanning the entire length and breadth of Kolkata, Puri surrounded by a unique variety of sightseeing destinations, splendid views, eccentric antiquity stores and a multitude of different needs.

Our hotels serve as the ideal choice for travel enthusiasts, Business Summits, honeymooners, family vacations and group stays. Fully equipped with a wide range of standard and in-room amenities ensure a blissful staying experience for our guests. Each property has been designed to provide the ultimate comfortable holiday experience for each and every guest. Not only do the properties ensure complete relaxation but also pamper the palate with feel good food.

Our Core Values

Flexible Schedule

You can book hotel rooms any day any time. Our rooms are always available.

Affordable Package

You can book rooms in very affordable price. Rooms are not very expensive.

Special Offer

Sometimes we provide special offers, discounts for room booking.